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Mod. Inglese

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Cod.   Articolo Item Article Artículo mm Pack
1901 Cucchiaio tavola Table spoon Cuillère de table Cuchara mesa 197 12/360
1902 Forchetta tavola Table fork Fourchette de table Tenedor mesa 197 12/480
1903 Coltello tavola Table knife Couteau de table Cuchillo mesa 225 12/300
1905 Coltello tavola eco Table knife eco Couteau de table èco Cuchillo mesa eco 202 12/300
1912 Cucchiaino caffè Coffee spoon Cuillère à café Cuchara cafè 137 12/936
1913 Cucchiaino moka Moka spoon Cuillère à moka Cuchara moka 110 12/936
1914 Cucchiaino gelato Ice cream spoon Cuillère à glace Cuchara helado 137 12/720
1915 Cucchiaino bibita Long drink spoon Cuillère à soda Cuchara refreco 207 12/300
1916 Forchettina dolce Cake fork Fourchette à gâteaux Tenedor lunch 148 12/720
CR. Appendino Hung Cintre Percha    
COD. SET          
1930 24 Coltello Knife Couteau Cuchillo    
1931 24 Coltello Knife Couteau Cuchillo    

Product Details

1.5 - 1.8 mm

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